The Site historique maritime du Phare de Cap-des-Rosiers is a non-profit organization.

Its board of directors consists of volunteers designated by the participants in the yearly general assembly.


Excerpt of the general regulations (translation):

The mission:

The organization’s mission is to make known the maritime history of the region and Quebec.

The objectives:

-In collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, owner of Cap- des-Rosiers, to expose the tallest lighthouse of Canada and the importance of its strategic site, the evolution of its facilities and the life of the different keepers along the times.

-In partnership with the ForillonNational Park, to make known the history of the wreck of the Carricks.

-To collaborate with other museums institutions to develop the maritime heritage.


In order to achieve its mission, the Site historique maritime du phare de Cap-des-Rosiers will highlight the history Cap-des-Rosiers lighthouse, /its particular features as the highest lighttower in Canada, its maritime protection role, and its strategic location at the mouth of the Saint-Laurent's gulf.

The Site historique maritime du phare de Cap-des-Rosiers will endow itself of a development strategy in order to give a value added to the site of Cap-des Rosiers lighthouse by complementary realizations and activities of historic, patrimonial and cultural nature.

On the one hand the SHMPCDR organizes the visits during the summer, on the other hand, it attempts within all its capacities to ensure that this lighthouse which Fisheries and Oceans Canada wants to relinquish will be restored and could keep its primary function first as well as remains opened to visitors.

The present board of directors of the SHMPCDR is the following:


Jean-Paul Salaün, president

Lucie Bergeron, treasurer

Lise Ste-Croix, secretary

Rock Packwood, officer                                                                             

Jean Guy Reeves, officer

Claude Camirand, officer

Maude Faulkner-Gendreau, officer


You can write to:

Site historique maritime du Phare de Cap-des-Rosiers

1331 boul. Cap-des-Rosiers

Gaspe, Quebec, Canada

G4X 6G7

or email at:

from june 24th to september 1st

tel: 418 892-5767