By enacting the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act on May 29, 2008, the Government of Canada has recognized that measures should be taken to protect heritage lighthouses. But it binds the heritage property of the lighthouse to a private buyer and does not provide any extra funding for the restoration of designated lighthouses.

But the lighthouse at Cap-des-Rosiers has been formally recognized as National Historic Site of Canada and as a Classified Federal Heritage Building (with a score of 92 out of 100) because of its historical associations and architectural and environmental value.

Despite this classification, the lighthouse is a monument in danger!

It is the tallest lighthouse in Canada, the sentinel at the entrance of the St. Lawrence since 1858.

It is part of HCF’s 2013 Top Ten Most Endangered Places List

The physical and structural integrity of the lighthouse at Cap-des-Rosiers is threatened in the short term.

Major repairs are needed now if we do not want the lighthouse becomes a closed place that will collapse in the near future.

In a study done in 2007, the network of heritage conservation in Canada in conjunction with a team of Public Works and Government Services Canada Quebec has issued 90 recommendations, including 42 repairs.

We are in 2014 and only minor work was carried out and none on the structure or the dome.

The divestiture of the lighthouse by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans should not take place. The lighthouse is still active and should be treated as such and the federal government should provide the funds necessary for its complete renovation.

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